Itinerari lungo l'Adige

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Autore: Conati G.
Editore: CIERRE
8 walks between Chiusa and Verona.

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Year: 2007 Format: 15x21 Pages: 78 Photos: Once past the Rivoli-Ceraino lock, the Adige bends significantly towards the east and flows between hills, alluvial terraces and flat expanses, where meadows and orchards alternate with residual portions of forest, small and large inhabited centers, to areas used for artisanal and industrial activities. In this large and diversified territory, in which the natural and rural landscape is increasingly undermined by progressive urbanisation, the river and the banks represent the primary factor of continuity, an environment in which the relationship between man and nature seems to maintain the right balance and which almost retains the rhythm and charm of the old days. The eight itineraries proposed in this booklet, which develop in the sector between the evocative walls of Chiusa and Verona, aim to highlight the river environment and the numerous elements that distinguish and enrich it, to arouse the interest of those who appreciate the nature, art and traditions of this area, or of those who simply love moving in the open air, away from the noise and the busiest roads.
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Product code VES88
Author Conati G.
Publisher CIERRE
States Italy
Regions Italy Veneto
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