Itinerari fotografici in montagna

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Autore: Capobussi M.
Editore: ARCA
Where and how, in the Alps, to take beautiful photos.

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The author has undertaken to summarize, in an organic way, numerous and different experiences in the field: he has dedicated different chapters to particularly fascinating itineraries for those approaching the Alpine world. He described in detail very suggestive routes, routes distributed throughout the Alps. These are itineraries in nature, very panoramic or along little-frequented valleys that always know how to excite hikers. Some routes have been famous for some time, some others are little known but stand up to any comparison very well. All are places capable of offering shooting opportunities for unforgettable images. In this regard, here it is: the volume was not structured exclusively as a proposal for stimulating excursions. Furthermore, it is given the guise of a practical photography manual and is full of technical suggestions. It collects operational ideas, useful for those who are actively interested in photography on traditional film or also in photography with digital cameras. Which lenses to choose, what inconveniences extreme cold can bring, how to vary the contrast of a shot taken in a traditional or digital way, how to shoot in the snow, how to correct color casts: the photographic aspects linked to the mountains are certainly numerous and not less interesting than the splendid itineraries suggested.
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Product code IT034
Author Capobussi M.
Publisher ARCA
Languages ​​included Italian
Year 2003
Size 16x23
Pages 166
Photo col
States Italy
Regions Italy Lombardy, Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige, Valle d'Aosta, Veneto
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