Escursioni nelle Prealpi bellunesi e trevigiane

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Autore: Zanetti M.
Editore: CIERRE
23 excursions in the vast pre-Alpine ridge that extends from Col Visentin to Monte Cesen.

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Year: 2009 Format: 16x23 Pages: 236 Photos: with 23 excursions with detailed naturalistic descriptions. The vast pre-Alpine ridge that extends from Col Visentin to Monte Cesen, separating the territories of Treviso from those of Belluno, faces the Dolomites and stands out on the northern horizons of the Venice lagoon like a gigantic limestone wall. On its pasture slopes, in its suspended valleys thick with forests and in its ravines an ancient and winning naturalness is hidden. This same besieges man's environment, permeates domestic landscapes and transforms the mountain into a complicated mosaic in which it is often difficult to distinguish the wild from the domestic. Also for this reason, for this richness of nature and culture, for this unusual density of settlements and roads, of forests and peat bogs, of prairies and mountain pastures, facing the adventure of discovering this mountain represents an engaging and rich activity of charm.
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Product code VES78
Author Zanetti M.
Publisher CIERRE
States Italy
Regions Italy Veneto
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