Architettura moderna nelle Alpi italiane vol.2

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Autore: Bolzoni L.
Modern architecture in the Italian Alps from the 1960s to the end of the 20th century

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The publication of this book is the ideal continuation of the previous volume published in 2000; this second volume covers the subsequent historical period and part of the different assumptions, because the ways of designing and constructing buildings in the mountains have been and currently are different. The design of quality buildings in the Italian Alpine environment partially reduced after the 1950s, or rather became rarefied, concentrating in certain geographical areas of the Alpine arc, often coinciding with areas or localities affected in the previous period by different methods of development. The architectural works collected and presented, projects and creations, are to be considered on the one hand as concrete signals of the cultural heritage of the movement that preceded them, on the other as examples of specific design skills and habits of typical mountain building of this period. For this reason, the perspective proposed by the publication continues the path undertaken with the first book, based on the search for architectural examples that constitute valid testimony to the concrete possibilities of building completely original contemporary works in the mountains, in the true sense of the term. Like the previous volume, this Notebook also offers itself as an in-depth study for a more general discussion of architecture, as well as a tool for consultation and knowledge of a thematic nature and with ideas of socio-geographical interest. The period considered by the second volume covers about forty years and collects, among other works, the works of Albini, Belotti, Cereghini, Fiocchi, Fiori, Gabetti and Isola, Gardella, Gellner, Michelucci, Mollino, Morassutti, Piano, Polesello, Rossi, Vietti and others, created in the context of the Italian Alps through the most diverse building typologies: from the single-family villa to the reconstruction of the rascard, from the alpine refuge to the summer colony, from the church to the cableway station, from the elementary school to the condominium, from the power plant to the redevelopment project.
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Product code AL017
Author Bolzoni L.
Languages ​​included Italian
Year 2001
Pages 144
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