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Rock climbs on the western tip of Europe.

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Portugal - ENGLISH

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A guidebook that brings to light a compilation of most of the up to now “hidden” Portuguese rock climbing potential; a big update of what has been written and further developed in the last ten years. From the western tip of Europe comes an extensive list of climbs to be enjoyed along 700km of beautiful Atlantic coastline and 200km of inland, charming landscapes. With a history of climbing developments which dates back to the late 50’s, Portugal’s hundreds of lines have been kept out of the spotlight – mostly enjoyed by the lucky locals and the occasional visitor – but are by no means of less quality than neighbouring Spain or other continental venues. Instead, these varied, quiet and isolated, considering the small territory and peripheral situation, are a true gem. More than enough arguments for a climbing trip, regardless if you’re flying for a brief visit, longer stay or road journey. From infinite granite chaos, domes and walls in the north, to central limestone crags, random basalt splitters, quartzite, the renowned Sintra’s bouldering, coastal routes around the capital and down south… there is space for everyone, whether you are seeking remote trad adventures, boulders, deep water soloing or hard sport sends. Complemented with culture, gastronomy, ease of travelling, other water sports or – for the more fanatic – on its own, Portugal is with no doubt one of the ultimate European climbing destinations.Santo Tirso, Serra da Estrela, Panha Garcia, Reguengo do Fetal, Montejunto, Paninha, Meio Mango, Rocha da Pena, Mirror, Corgas.


Stati Portogallo
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Autore Simes C.
Lingue incluse Inglese
Anno 2017
Formato 15x21
Pagine 448
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