Fontainebleau vol.1 - Fun Bloc




Atchison-Jones D.

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26 areas covered in 100% detail, featuring every possible climbing problem from 1a up to 8c, in Fontainbleau.
26 aree dettagliate con ogni possibile via dal grado 1a all'8c, a Fontainebleau.

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Fun Bloc - Fontainebleau Volume 1 (7500 problems), is now enjoying its 3rd edition, and includes full circuit and problem updates 2012-2016. It is an extremely well established photo topo style guidebook to the very best and most popular areas of the forest, (Vol 2 Top Secret, covers an additional 9000 problems situated in the quiet areas of the Fontainebleau Forests]. Fun Bloc uses a unique style that includes over 1600 photo topos, which makes instantly recognising the problems a delight. Combined with maps and graphics, it is a truly definitive guidebook to all of the major areas it covers (1a-8c). This book will appeal to every level of climber, and particularly groups of boulderers that are of mixed ability who all want to climb in the same general area. It also suits perfectly, boulderers visiting ?Bleau? for the first time who want easy recognition of boulders and problems. It has been designed to work with little use of language, since all of the problems are colour coded and easily identifiable. Fun Bloc has a giant overview map, plus individual area maps to show the best access routes for those carrying giant crash pads. 18 kids circuits are included, along with the best toddler-buggy access routes, and good family picnic spots etc. 115 Fontainebleau circuits are fully covered in the book. Details for all local campsites and supermarkets are included. There are over 80 superb action photos which feature throughout the book to give it a very enticing feel.


Stati Francia
Regioni Italia No
Autore Atchison-Jones D.
Lingue incluse Inglese, Francese
Anno 2016
Formato 15x22
Pagine 320
Foto col


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