A piedi nel Veneto

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Autore: Cipriani E.
Editore: ITER
91 walks, excursions and trekking to discover the nature of Veneto.

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Year: 2007 Format: 11x20 Pages: 252 Photos: b/w 91 walks, excursions and trekking in the Venetian Dolomites, Prealps, Euganean Hills, Berici Mountains and Valpolicella, explored by an expert who is also in love with his mountains. For those who love walking, an opportunity to discover nature, the peaks, the forests of one of the most fascinating lands in Italy. Veneto is a land to be discovered by walking: a place of choice for those who love hiking, it can be considered an almost inexhaustible mine of walks and routes to experience and understand nature. On the one hand the well-known and celebrated Veneto of the "classic" itineraries of the Dolomites, the areas of Cortina and the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, on the other the less known and isolated Veneto, of the areas barely touched by mass tourism and for this reason fascinating and whole. The guide focuses on the hills and mountains of Veneto, with proposals ranging from a simple walk in the woods to a long hike at high altitude, from the Dolomite crossing to a challenging excursion reserved for experts up to easier routes in solitary and lesser-known environments.
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Product code VEN18
Author Cipriani E.
Publisher ITER
States Italy
Regions Italy Veneto
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