Angeli di luce

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Autore: Long J.
Collana: I LICHENI
Editore: VIVALDA
The climbers of Yosemite Valley.

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The climbers of Yosemite Valley, admired around the world for their skill and famous for their feats, are surprisingly innocent in their childlike devotion to the rock. But the discovery of two tons of drugs and the body of a smuggler in a frozen lake in the Alta Sierra kills their innocence. The carefree life of climbers and their dedication to sport are not enough against the temptation to get rich easily... Angels of Light is a story of paired risks: the most daring sport in the world combined with the most desperate trade in the world. Angels of Light is also a penetrating story of men and women whose lives of confused passions, unstable relationships and wasted talents in the Valley are transformed (if only for those moments spent on the vertical rock) by the primordial search for physical risk and concentration unnerving in the commitment of ascension.
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Product code NR008
Author Long J.
Publisher VIVALDA
Languages ​​included Italian
Year 1999
Pages 334
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