Le Alpi a tavola

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Autore: Schena E., Ravera A.
journey through the aftertaste of the knowledge and flavors of the mountains.

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Loving the mountains means knowing it, interacting daily with those who live there, hiking through the valleys. This is how Le Alpi a table was born, an open window onto a territory with a strong identity. Elma Schena and Adriano Ravera read and researched, but above all they traveled following instinct, letting themselves be guided by curiosity, by a face, by the fleeting appearance of a village. They spoke with many people, in a shop, at the markets, at the table of a tavern: the pleasure of meeting, casual and without haste. The objective was not the interview: the note came later, filtered by the overall experience, in the diary of the day. A mosaic that took hold little by little, settled over the years and resurfaces today in a volume, combined with extensive archival research. Documents and manuscripts, diaries and factor reports, recipe books intersect in a constant comparison to describe the Alpine civilization in an unusual guise, the analysis of food. «Les mountànhos partéjoun les àigos e joùnton li ome (The mountains divide the waters and unite men)» says a proverb in the Western language. That culture was born there which, despite the specificities of each valley, unites and differentiates itself from the others. The glue is the identical living and working conditions, domestic habits, tenacious character, sometimes the common language. Going up these valleys, continuing along mule tracks already marked by the passage of kings and pilgrims, troops and merchant caravans, is walking the path of history backwards. A journey through the aftertaste of the knowledge and flavors of each dish in which it is possible to read the peasant civilization, the products, the succession of the seasons, the rituals and the joy of the celebration. A sort of identity card like the dialect, the customs, the art treasures. This too is culture, the individual and collective history of man.
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Product code AL096
Author Schena E., Ravera A.
Languages ​​included Italian
Year 2009
Pages 152
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