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Kalman C., Van Biene M.

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Guida all'arrampicata nello stato di Washington.
A climber's guide for Washington State.

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Guida all'arrampicata nello stato di Washington, con schizzi delle vie su foto. Aree principali: Skykomish Valley, Lower Lamp, Lower Town Walls, The Cheeks, The Diamond Area.

The Index Town Walls, a beautiful collection of granite crags in the Skykomish Valley just outside Seattle, are praised for their superb quality and variety. Everything from 800-foot trad odysseys, to modern clip-ups, to Grade IV aid climbs, are found nestled among the forest, river, and alpine peaks. This guidebook is comprehensive, covering not only the vast majority of the historic routes (some of which have been reclaimed by the forest), but also many brand-spanking-new ones. Index is widely regarded as the fi nest crag in Washington, and often touted as the best climbing destination in the United States. Some suggest that Index has the densest collection of high quality routes in the world. There's only one way to find out... Skykomish Valley, Lower Lamp, Lower Town Walls, The Cheeks, The Diamond Area.


Stati Stati Uniti
Autore Kalman C., Van Biene M.
Collana No
Lingue incluse Inglese
Anno 2018
Formato 15x23
Pagine 256
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